Saturday, December 28, 2019


All right ! That's done ! I've finally managed to see live my four personal love-at-first-ear new big things of 2018 !! The fourth having to be postponed to 2019 since I couldn't make it to their first show here last summer as I was in Belgium for my first encounter with the third ! Busy period ! :-) I've already reported on some of them here and hope there will be more pro stuff coming out to make a true proper tribute to the bands soon. Chemtrails already got it below. Make-Overs (I struggled to see four times while they were around) are now touring intensively in their home country, South-Africa. Pamplemousse, from Reunion Island (!!), has just released their awesome noisy second album. And, Saint-Agnes (maybe my 2018 "wowest" moment !!) has got everything to rock the whole world with their debut album on May 3rd. Don't miss them out when they come round your place !! Enjoy !! 

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