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WALLACE VANBORN - "Noonstone Gift" - Pukkelpop Festival - Kiewit, Hasselt (B) - 14-08-14 + BONUS

Pukkelpop Festival - Kiewit - Hasselt (B) - 14-08-14
1 - Revealers
2 - Atom Juggler
3 - Cougars
4 - Genius Inside the Bear
5 - We Are What We Hide
6 - Welcome To The Wastelands
7 - Found in L.A.
8 - Supply And The Damned
9 - Cowboy Panda's Revenge
De Kreun - Kortrijk (B) - 20-03-13
10 - Marching Sideways
11 - Cowboy Panda's Revenge
12 - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Iggy & The Stooges cover)
with Blood Red Shoes - 29-11-12
13 - Colours Fade (with Blood Red Shoes)
Villa_Vanthilt - Ypres (B) - 23-08-12
14 - We Are What We Hide
15 - Lion's Manual
L'Alhambra - Paris - 11-04-2012
16 - White River
Le Trabendo - Paris - 07-12-10
17 - Rite Hands

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot & Audience shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 87 mns
Size : 4,01 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

Just before coming to "Je me perds", their last song of their Pukkelpop 2012 set, Laura-Mary from Blood Red Shoes is letting out a rousing and loud "This is for Wallace Vanborn, the best band, in Belgium" (you can hear it here on the video extract of the show at the BRS section). The two bands obviously hit it off during their common tour. That's obvious in this dvd when Ian Clement is invited to play a noisy "Colours Fade" with the band, starting with a funny "take over" joke from Steven.
Anyway, I don't know if Wallace Vanborn is the best band in Belgium but what I'm pretty sure about is the highly talented rock scene of the country : Arno, Deus, Triggerfinger, Wallace Vanborn, K’s Choice, Millionaire, Soulwax, 2 Many DJs, Goose, Drive Like Maria, The Black Box Revelation, Psycho 44, The Van Jets, BRNS, Puggy, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, Vive La Fête, Steak n°8, Creature With The Atom Brain, ... The list seems endless and you are hardly disappointed pricking up your ears at them. So many interesting bands in so different styles.
This is precisely while scouring the intense and lively summer festival scene of the country I first met Wallace Vanborn. It was back in 2012, Pukkelpop again, at the famous "Wablief ?!" tent, where you can enjoy the gifted local bands. 2 years later, they opened the festival, hitting the main stage, which is truly deserved. As often experienced, and even if an early rising always means a deep self-sacrifice in festivals (!), bands scheduled first in the day are often not to be missed. This is once more the case here. The audience is predictably scarce at noon (see before !) but it grew all along the set and the threesome delivered a powerful stoner performance. On a side note, they opened the show with a new song (see the video below) that was to feature on their forthcoming new album, "The Orb We Absorb",  due in October, and which was recorded right in the middle of the stoner nebula : at the infamous "Rancho De La Luna" (Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal, Foo Fighters, PJ Harvey ..) under the lead of a no less notorious producer  : Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality).
As often, I've added a few extras from other shows, including the Blood Red Shoes piece and the inescapable cover of Iggy's "I Wanna Be Your Dog".
I couldn't get my hands on a decent live version of "Rover" from the first album, but if you still don't know this great number, you can have a quick first listen to it in the menus ! Don't miss the band when they come to town !

Enjoy !

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Friday, December 26, 2014

LE BUTCHERETTES - "Fang" - Live - Various venues - 2009-2014

Fiesta de la Música - Guadalajara (MX) - 28-03-09
1 - Honey Honey + I'm Getting Sick Of You (cut in)
2 - ?
3 - ? + Dress Off (end)
4 - I'm Queen (+ after show autograph session)
Indie-O Music Awards with Juan - Mexico - 23-06-09
5 - I'm Queen (extended version - crazy ending)
6 - ?
Sonar Festival - Barcelona (ES) - 17-06-10
7 - Bang !
8 - Drip Drip + Dress Off
9 - Mr Tolstoï
Bar Pink - San Diego (USA) - 04-09-11
10 - The Devil Lived
11 - New York
12 - Bang !
13 - Six More
The Echo - Los Angeles  (USA) - 03-11-11
14 - The Devil Lived
15 - New York
SesioneS con Alejandro Franco - Mexico - 2012 (?)
16 - Henry Don't Got Love
17 - Bang !
18 - The Actress That Ate Rousseau
MTV Iggy - Dominion - New-York - 2013 (?)
19 - I'm Getting Sick Of You
20 - All You See In Me Is Death
21 - Henry Don't Got Love
Rifflandia Festival - RAP Mainstage Victoria BC (CA) - 13-09-14
22 - Boulders Love Over Layers Of Rock
23 - Your Weakness Gives Me Life
Last Call with Carson Daly - New-York - 06-11-14
24 - The Leibniz Language
25 - Demon Stuck In Your Eye

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot & Audience shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 82 mns
Size : 3,80 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

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Blood always tells.
When you open for such tutelary figures as Queens Of The Stone Age, Jello Biafra, The Melvins, Iggy Pop, The Flaming Lips, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dead Weather, ... ;
When you have Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill) as a personal hero and are first spotted by Omar Rodriguez Lopez (At The Drive In / Mars Volta) during a dark power-cut set in Guadalajara ;
When you team up with this same Omar Rodriguez Lopez to play in a band called Bosnian Rainbows and got into another side-project with John Frusciante (RHCP) called Kimono Kult ... ;
When you have Henry Rollins and Shirley Manson featuring on your last album ...;
let be honest, you just can't be on the wrong track ! 
Teri Gender Bender is not and her band, "Le Butcherette" is no exception to the rule either. First formed at an early age in Guadalajara, the band has constantly been fuelled by Teri's rage, especially against women discrimination and male chauvinism in Mexico. At that time, back in 2009, her performances often included pig's head, broom, bloody butcher's apron (still today's outfit) to denounce "the piece of meat" image women were often associated to and she had been confronted to too often in her country. Without being exclusive, her feminist cause first rallied her friend and gorgeous drummer Auryn Jolene for crazy and high-energy sets, where they were often just considered as"clowns" and received petty coins, thrown at them by the male audience. To find decent footage from this era is quite hard and the material is usually shaky and rough. Though, I decided to keep a couple of them here just to feel the wild energy spurting out their shows. Teri was just over 20 in those days !  
The band has gone through many line-ups since, especially when Teri decided to migrate to LA to give the band the opportunity to be appreciated for what it's worth. Omar Rodrigez Lopez helped a lot, becoming their producer and bass player. Teri is now joined on stage by Lia Braswell on drums and Chris Common on bass. The lunatic intensity is still raging but more, Teri's voice has grown bigger in her variety and mastery. You can't miss it out on her last release, "Cry Is For The Flies", one of the greatest albums of 2014, no doubt !!
True, one can't help thinking of a new PJ Harvey, but while Polly has this rage boiling underneath, Teri just lets it go all the way, making her shows looking more like an unleashed set of Iggy Pop, who himself is a fan !
I've tried to find watchable live bits, for lack of a complete show (if anyone has one, let me know ...), mostly pro or semi-pro shot but as I've already said, I've sometimes kept some rougher material just to live the electrifying atmosphere as one can experience, in the moshpit, at Teri's feet ...


Cheers !