Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IAMX - "Turn The Lights On" - Stare Misto Rock Festival - Lviv (UA) - 28-05-11 + Extras

Stare Misto Rock Festival - Lviv - Ukraine  - 28-05-11
 1 - Music People
 2 - Volatile Times
 3 - Nightlife
 4 - Ghosts of Utopia
 5 - My Secret Friend
 6 - tear Garden
 7 - Fire and Whispers
 8 - Think of England
 9 - Bring Me Back A Dog
 10 - Nature of Inviting
 11 - Cold Red Light
 12 - Kiss & Swallow
 13 - President
 Encore :
14 - The Alternative
15 - Skin Vision
16 - Spit It Out
17 - Chris Corner Interview - German Gotv - 2011
18 - Bernadette (German version) - Astra - Berlin - 14-04-11
19 - Volatile Times (Unfall Remix) - Crystal Hall - Kiev - 22-10-11

Technical info  :
DVD - Audience shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

Well ... my first breach in the rock spirit mood of this blog. Also my first dabbling in dvd authoring. But I would say the guy deserves it. I didn't know Chris Corner in his Sneaker Pimps era but I do remember my ear-pricking up sensation, scanning his first album at a free listening kiosk in a record shop, back in 2004. For sure, the man has a tormented soul and it often runs through his songs but his voice, writing and  melodies are always made up of a great mixture of sensitivity, beauty and power. IAMX's shows used to be often blamed for their too dim lit stage.If darkness does contribute to their own atmosphere and dark electro, it shouldn't prevent people from seeing them play. This is why I chose an open air festival where they played in the late afternoon. This is an audience recording (thanx again to "as1mar's" for having so a resilient arm !), so, it can be shaky at times and you can have some hands and heads in the way here and there. But this is HD and can be comfortably watched as if you were part of the audience.

Browsing the chapters and menus may sometimes look confusing (especially on TV with a dvd player) but  the "Back", "Main" & "Next" tabs are actually "hidden" on the TV set buttons, on the right. 

My apologies for "The Alternative" and "Skin Vision". I noticed they were not full length too late but I spent too much time on the project to start it all over. I didn't have much room left anyway. The dvd is packed (99,2 % !), you have some bonuses but, sorry, I had to reduce the quality of the last two videos to cram everything in.
Anyway,  while waiting for IAMX's  new 2013 album & dvd, I hope you'll enjoy this one.
Cheers !

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