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EAGLES OF DEATH METAL - "We are rock'n'roll, n'est ce pas ?" - Rock En Seine Festival - Parc National de Saint Cloud - Paris - 25-08-12

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL - Rock En Seine - Parc de Saint Cloud - Paris - 25-08-12
1 - Boots Arrival & I Only Want You
2 - Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)
3 - Bad Dream Mama
4 - Cherry Cola
5 - Heart On
6 - Now I'm a Fool
7 - Secret Plans
8 - Jesse knocks it back & English Girl
9 - Already Died
10 - Stuck in the Metal
11 - Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)
12 - Wannabe in L.A.
13 - I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
14 - Speaking in Tongues
15 - Interview RES / Le Mouv Radio

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576
- 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz

Running Time : 65 mns
Size : 3,03 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

Jesse Hugues is a real charm ! Even if the man is a living paradox, swinging between staunch catholicism, sins of the flesh and republican yearnings, it's hard not to like him. As he has often mentioned it, he's been blessed and saved by some rock'n'roll god, ... though, I guess, he had certainly more the word "goddess" in mind when he said it  ! Helped in this by his long time schoolmate, Josh Homme (QOTSA), this rock'n'roll redemption has taken him from quite a personal misfortune to a limelight cheerfulness. This show is no exception to the rule. Even if it was my second one in a week (Pukkelpop before) and the setlist was pretty much the same, I couldn't but enjoy again the open generosity of "the devil" and his goblins. Again, the gig was full of student-like pranks and spirit and interaction with the crowd. This is exactly what gives this rock'n'roll and infectious fun flavour to EODM's shows. After all these years, no doubt Jesse hasn't forgotten where he's coming from and the blessing he's been living since he got out of it. In a way, he's still  like the boy who greedily tears away the wrapping paper from the gifts under the christmas tree. Keep it up, Jesse !
I've added a short interview made on the spot by the French radio, Le Mouv, since Jesse seems to hold some people in his heart from this radio, as he mentioned it during the show.

Enjoy ! 
Cheers !

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