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THE SKINS - "Blue White Skin" - Trans Musicales - Rennes - 06-12-13 + Extras


THE SKINS - Trans Musicales - Rennes (F) - 06-12-13
1 - Intro & Get Some Skin
2 - Killer
3 - Surf
4 - Black Spin Head
5 - Pump Up The Speed
6 - Dead hands
7 - Out Of Body (w/ snippets  of «Toxic»)
8 -
 9 - Summertime
10 - Slow Jam
11 - Band introduction & Beat It  (M. Jackson cover)
Bataclan - Paris - 11-02-13
12 - Ocean
13 - Summertime
14 - REPORT: «A Day in Trans Musicales»
15 - BONUS : Mercy (Kanye West cover) - Wreckroom -  CMJ Showcase - New-York - 20-10-12

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576
(initially 1280 x 720) - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz

Running Time : 66 mns
Size : 3,07 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

And here is your Christmas present ! I already told you about this great youthful band some months ago, when they deserverdly featured the "video of the week" section, for months ! Now, this is time for a complete show, filmed this early december when they were exclusively invited by the Trans Musicales festival organizers for their only date in France. Made of three siblings and two friends, aged 14 to 20 (!!), they all kind of met through the Paul Green’s School of Rock network and decided to hit the road together. Talent has no age and what is particularly striking and remarkable here is that, at such an early age, they already sound like old vintage soul-rock vets, half way between Led Zeppelin (self accepted influence) and Amy Whinehouse-Betty Davis, for Baily, their yeasty and cheerful singer. This is really Im-pres-sive !! Undoubtedly, the new band of the year !! They will sure turn big if they keep on delivering such a masterly performance.
On top of their Trans Musicales show, I've added two songs from their first tour here, as a support band for The Heavy, back in february, when I first came across them. "Summertime" was just awesome that night (see below) ! Still as an extra, a special exclusive report made by a French mag when they came to Rennes, which truly proves the great interest stirred by the band, even overseas !
Lastly, any help welcome on the tracklisting as most of the songs played that night hasn't been released yet, their first album coming out early 2014. Don't miss it !! I tried to sort it out from a tracklist held by Bayli on a recent photo but ... 
Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all !! I hope this is the kind of stuff you would like to find under the tree ... !

Enjoy !

Cheers !


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