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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE w/ DAVE GROHL - "Growl" DVD - Spring-Summer Tour - 2002

Troubabour - Los Angeles
(1st show with Dave Grohl) 
1 - Monsters In The Parasol
2 - No One Knows
3 - Hanging Tree (with Mark Lanegan)
4 - Tension Head
5 - The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

Fuji Rock Festival
Niigata - Japan
(last show with Dave Grohl)
6 - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
7 - Quick And To The Pointless
8 - Walking On The Sidewalks
(with Mark Lanegan)
9 - Interview / Dave Grohl (last concert) 

Rock Werchter Festival
10. Interview
11- A Song for the Dead
12 - Interview
13 - Quick and to the Pointless (Werchter 2001) + Interview
14 - Gonna Leave You (Spanish version)
15 - Interview
16 - No One Knows + Interview
17 - The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
18 - BONUS : My God Is The Sun - The Grammy Awards - Los Angeles - 26-01-14
(with Dave Grohl, Lindsey Buckingham & Trent Reznor) 

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576
- 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz

Running Time : 68 mns
Size : 3,20 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

NEW LINKS !!  All the dead links have now been restored ! Enjoy !

Ok ... first of all, thank you so much Finatic and Jacob for sharing your masters of the Fuji Rock and Werchter shows ! Your generosity led straight to this dvd which I guess, must have been made by someone before but I've got it hanging on my mind for quite a while now. The Glastonbury set has already been issued here on this blog and from the feedback I got from a tracker, I guess I wasn't the only one who dreamt of it. So here they are, the best available highlights of the QOTSA-Dave Grohl era, including the first and the last 2002 shows of rock'n'grohl Dave in the band of his buddy Josh Homme.
As often, the Troubadour set is filmed in a dim light atmosphere and I haven't managed to find a better quality footage of the show (if someone has a master,  please share it, I'm ready to start it all over !!) but, it is definitely a heavy high energy one with a Dave Grohl bouncing on his drums from the first beats of "Monsters In The Parasol".
The two other highlights are a treat for the eyes since the band is playing in a much clearer atmosphere, right in the daylight of a summer afternoon. The Fuji Rock gig is indeed particular as it is D. Grohl last performance with the band, as he nicely mentioned it in the interview at the end of the video, but also because the band is in a really good shape, with the wild meteorite "Quick And To The Pointless" and the long jam (well over 8 mns !) on "Walking On The Sidewalks", sung by Mark Lanegan !
The Rock Werchter excerpt is great fun too. The interview breaks give an interesting insight of how the band was getting along at the time and it also includes a not so common Spanish version of "Gonna Leave You", sung by Nick.  
As a bonus, I've added a best-of-both-worlds footage of the last Grammy Awards ceremony, where Dave joined back the newest line-up of the band to play the first single of the last album, "My God Is The Sun".
Anyway, it's been quite a long process. Hope it's worth it.

Enjoy !

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  1. Great to see Dave on the drums of this band... i guess he could stay there forever...:)
    Keep up creating all these great dvds, your work is really apreciated.

  2. And THANKS A LOT, forgot to thank you.
    All the best for you

  3. Thanx Nuno ! Many others waiting on dusty shelves but time, time ... - : shall we meet ? :-)
    Cheers !

  4. hola excelente pagina. existe la posibilidad que vuelvas a subir los links muertos de este dvd. muchas gracias. saludos desde Chile.

  5. Sorry for the slow answer, I haven't noticed your post. Everything has now been updated. Enjoy !