Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BRODY DALLE - THE DISTILLERS - SPINNERETTE - "Drain The Years / Ouroboros" - Live 2002-2014

The Blackcat - Washington (USA) - 05-02-02 
1 - City Of Angels
2 - I Am A Revenant
Later With Jools Holland - London (UK) - 14-11-0
3 - Drain The Blood
4 - Die On A Rope
Reading Festival (UK) - 27-08-04
5 - Not Love Lost (Joy Division cover)
6 - Interview & The Hunger
7 - Beat Your Heart Out
8 - Drain The Blood

Le Nouveau Casino - Paris (F) - 25-08-09
9 - Geeking (cut)
10 - Ghetto Love
Capital Hill Block Party - Seattle (USA) - 24-07-09
11 - A Spectral Suspension
Lowlands Festival - Acoustic Session - Biddinghuizen (NL) - 21-08-09
12 - Bury My Heart
13 - Valium Knights
14 - Driving Song

Heitere Festival (CH) - 09-08-14
15 - Underworld
The Edge - Toronto (CAN) - 06-05-14
16 - Meet The Foetus / Oh The Joy
17 - Rat Race
Rock En Seine Festival - Paris (F) - 24-08-14
18 - Don’t Mess With Me
19 - Parties For Prostitutes
20 - Underworld

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot & Audience shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 79 mns
Size : 3,67 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included
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I've never been a great fan of the The Distillers' early hardcore punk. I guess I must be more somewhere between their subsequent high-energy spits and the dark legions of Spinnerette that followed next. But I must admit it felt good to see Brody back to business last summer. From the recent interviews given after the release of her last lp, she seems to have at last found a kind of inner peace, away from the torments of The Distillers' break-up and the hollow years of Spinnerette. Oddly enough, even if this era gave her hard times, Spinnerette's only album still keeps me under its spell today. By the way, if anyone has a decent pro-shot of the band at that time, please feel free to share it ! I've only been able to find the short Lowlands acoustic session.
Anyway, it's nice to hear again Brody's vicious voice, still loud, clear and croaky, shouting out on different stages in the world. All this led me to pay a humble tribute to the lady here. Some parts have already been issued here and there, others haven't, like personal footage of her recent show in Paris, during the "Rock En Seine" festival. Hope you'll enjoy ...

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  1. HI, thanks for your great DVDs an the awesome artwork!

    is it possible for you to reupload (or check) part 6 of this DVD?

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  2. Hi sandmofa!. Thanks for letting me know. After checking, Filefactory has not only put part6 down but parts 8, 10 and 12 as well ! Grrrrrrr ... !! Everything has now been restored. Enjoy and thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated !!
    Cheers !

  3. wow, thanks so much!!!

    filefactory sometimes let me down, I'm not sure about your other dvds; if you find the time maybe you should check them, too.
    if I remember correctly, some of the Triggerfinger files were also down.

    however: love your site, one can see how mu h heart went into creatimg all of this!

  4. Thanks again for your encouragements, sandmofa!. That keeps me going ! Many new things on the wishlist but just as you said, time is the key !
    Cheers !

  5. Hey again ;-)

    It's strange...filefactory seems to have some serious problems as part 8 just won't download ("this file cannot be downloaded..."), I'm a patient guy but waiting for over a week and still getting that message is really making me think of changing from filefactory to another hoster.

    the same problem occurs with your brilliantly looking QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE 2002-2011 DVD...also with part 8.

    I'll contact the people at FF to see what the deal is. hoping for an answer...
    I'll keep you updated
    still no brody/distillers/spinnerette/QOTSA dvd...AAAARGHHH :-(

  6. Hi sandmofa!
    Pfffff ... it's high time for FF to be up to the service they claim to offer ! Not the first time, hope it's the last one ... - New part 8 is now up. Hope it will come out fine for you at last. I'm checking the QOTSA and let you know ...
    Cheers !

  7. Hi back sandmofa! (not so long a wait !)
    I've just checked all the QOTSA links. Everything runs fine for me, part 8 included ... ??!! Weird !

  8. ha...another thank you for putting part 8 up again. so i finally finished all parts of the brody dvd.
    it would be interesting to know if anyone else is having trouble with the queens dvd.
    i made a screenshot of the error that FF shows when trying to download part 8.
    "file unavailable.
    the file cannot be downloaded at this time.please let us know about this issue by using the contact link below."

    i did, so let's see if they're able to fix this.

    sorry for being a little pain in the ass...but your dvds look absolutely amazing and it's just such a shame with FF and not being able to download certain parts.

  9. Hi back, sandmofa!
    Well, my fault, I misread your last post actually ! I thought you were talking about the "Growl" dvd. Part 8 is up again and so things have now been fixed for the 2002-2011 Glastonbury dvd. Hope you will finally be able to get it all !
    Cheers !

  10. Hi Didier ! A new part 9 is up ! Hope everything will run fine for you now then ! Enjoy !
    Cheers !

  11. The Distillers - Spinnerette - Brody Dalle - DVD\The Distillers - Spinnerette - Brody Dalle - DVD.part09.rar: Checksum error in The Distillers - Spinnerette - Brody Dalle - DVD\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB. The file is corrupt

    hope you can reup thx in advance

  12. Hi back heikohe !
    Part 9 has been reupped ! Hope it's going to work fine for you this time !
    Cheers !