Thursday, October 23, 2014

TY SEGALL BAND - "Underwear 14" - Villette Sonique Festival - Paris - 06-06-14 + Extras : La Sirène - La Rochelle (F) - 19-10-14

Villette Sonique Festival - Paris - 06-06-14 
1 - Wave Goodbye
2 - You're The Doctor
3 - I Bought My Eyes
4 - Slaughterhouse
5 - Thank God for Sinners
6 - Oh Mary
7 - Imaginary Person
8 - Tall Man, Skinny Lady
9 - The Faker
10 - Feel
11 - The Crawler
12 - Finger
13 - The Hill
14 - Skin
15 - Caesar
16 - Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart
17 - Encore : You Gonna Get It (Coachwhips cover)
18 - Motorhead (Motorhead cover)
19 - Girlfriend
BONUS : La Sirène - La Rochelle (F) - 19-10-14
20 - Tall Man, Skinny Lady
21 - Feel 
22 - The Faker
23 - The Clock
24 - The Singer
25 - Slaughterhouse
26 - I Bought My Eyes  

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot & Audience shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 82 mns
Size : 3,82 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

New links available above (part 16 was presumably down - thanx squarelf for letting me know !)

October was the month of my first Ty Segall gig. A long awaited date and a red-letter night no doubt. More, buy one, get two : the young Californian gifted man was sharing the stage with the thunderous Triggerfinger ! That was quite a thrilling deal !! You can't get enough of the Belgian power trio and even it was my third encounter with the shooters within 3 months, they still ranked first that night on my wishing list. I felt a bit muzzy and hazy about Ty Segall, being lost in his prolific album & EP releases and his fecund multifaceted incarnations. Even if I kept up with the man, I didn't really know where to start from and I had eventually turned lazy on his production. I was wrong ! What we attended that night was a real electric blitzkrieg pouring down hard on us !! In the middle of this fuzz-glam-garage-punk storm, the great synthesizer wizzard, Ty Segall in his dungaree, shouting, wriggling and trying to tame his wild uncontrollable guitar. Really impressive !! Definitely one of the most electric blast with such a variety I've seen this year.
I've included some parts of that gig as extras on the dvd below but the big chunk is made of the special psyche-garage night that was held at "La Villette Sonique Festival" in the early days of june in Paris. That night, Ty Segall Band were  playing along with The Coachwhips and Man Or Astro-Man. With such a line-up and as it is clear and obvious all the way on this dvd : the music is loud, the atmosphere is sweaty and the shoes of the man standing next to you are flying high in the moshpit !

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