Monday, February 23, 2015

WHITE LUNG - "Blown Amps" - Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn - 25-06-14 + KEXP Session - Seattle - 04-12-14

WHITE LUNG - St Vitus Bar - Brooklyn (USA) - 25-06-14
1 - Drown With the Monster
2 -  Face Down
3 - Sycophant
4 - Bag
5 - Bad Way
6 - Wrong Star
7 - Thick Lip
8 - Blow It South
9 - Snake Jaw
10 - Just for You
11 - I Believe You
12 - Down It Goes
13 - Take the Mirror
 KEXP session - Seattle - 04-12-14
 14 - Wrong Star
15 - Snake Jaw + Interview
16 - Down It Goes
17 - Blow It South
 Bonus :
 18 - I Believe You - Space 15 Twenty - Los Angeles - 21-08-14

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 52 mns
Size : 3,61 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

In a punk mood today. Back to ... ? Straight ahead, for once ! Here's the fast and boisterous "White Lung", from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I think my first memory of the band gets back to a couple of weeks before a concert of Duchess Says, another Canadian band, who played round here a while ago. I was already fan of Duchess (maybe one day on this blog ... !) and its nice and crazy singer, Annie-Claude. While documenting a few weeks before the show, I came to that poster from a past tour they teamed up with their White Lung fellows. I ventured on and went  into it straight away. The howling "know my right" voice of Mish, the intricate dripping and jolting sound of Kenneth's guitar, the fast headlong punk pace of Anne-Marie's drumming. Danger and urgency were back and it felt good !
The band has recently signed to Domino Records, which gives them, though still independent, a wider exposure. All credit however first goes to their latest album, "Deep Fantasy", a 10-track-22-minute ball of fire which, over the weeks, has stealthily reached the honours of the ritual "50 albums of the year", ranking # 32 for "Pitchfork", # 6 for "Stereogum",  # 3 for "Rolling Stones" and even n° 1 favourite album of 2014 for "Brooklyn Vegan" ! More, the sophisticated mad-twisting play of Kenneth has at last deservedly come to reviewers ' ears and consideration, ranking 14th in the best guitar player of the year chart of "GuitarPlanet" mag. But maybe, what strikes first and most, listening to White Lung, is Mish Way's voice. It's not flawless and some may not like it but it totally fits the music played here with loud and clear "don't mess with me-fuck off" spit and snarl. Mish knows her stuff, wears the pants and has her own views on life, certainly fuelled by journalism studies, active blogging, columnist work in "Self Titled " magazine and in "Ask Mish" for Vice website, where she even sometimes turns into a kind of sex advisor (!). Of course, feminism can be heard here but is never exclusive. The band has also often been associated to the riot grrrl movement. However, Mish, Anne-Marie, Hether and Kenneth don't seem to give a sh... to tight bloody tags. They make their own way. Make them your own !

Enjoy !

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  3. Hi Bryan !
    I've re-upped brand new parts 8, 11, 12 & 13. Hope you'll be able to grab it all now !
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