Tuesday, March 3, 2015

PIXIES - "Back To The Future" - VPRO Studios (NL) - 01-10-88 + Hurricane Festival (D) - 21-06-14 + BONUS :  Primavera Sound (ESP) - 30-05-14 & Rock Werchter (B) - 05-07-14

VPRO "Fa. Onrust" TV - Hilversum Studios (NL) - 01-10-988
01 Bone Machine
02 Interview
03 Gigantic
04 River Euphrates
05 Where Is My Mind
06 I've Been Tired

Hurricane Festival - Eichenring (D) - 21-06-14
1 - Debaser
2 - U-Mass
3 - Wave of Mutilation
4 - Crackity Jones
5 - Caribou
6 - Hey
7 - Bagboy
8 - Bone Machine
9 - Monkey Gone to Heaven
10 - Isla de Encanta
11 - Gouge Away
12 - Magdalena 318
13 - Ed Is Dead
14 - Here Comes Your Man
15 - Where Is My Mind?
16 - Greens and Blues
17 - Vamos

Primavera Sound - Barcelona (ESP) - 30-05-14
24 - Where Is My Mind ? + Interview
25 - Magdalena 318
26 - Interview & Gouge Away
Rock Werchter (B) - Werchterpark - 05-07-14
27 - Tame
28 - Vamos
29 - Where Is My Mind ?

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 99 mns
Size : 3,50 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included


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Something strange happened. I'm listening to the Pixies again. Digging in my antique attic shoebox of late 80s cassettes. I must confess I've forgotten both of them, Pixies and reels together. Maybe partly because I always felt a bit confused by the band, getting in turn thrilled and in love with some songs and then puzzled by others. Or was it because of the relatively short career of the band that didn't really give me time to get into it ? Many lame reasons I guess. You can be proud Mr Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, your 2004 joke (cf interview / Primavera Sound) hit the mark.
Of course, Kim, the real tinkerbell pixie of the band has recently ditched the whole thing and even if she's "irreplaceable" (quoting the band's words), Paz Lenchantin (God ! What a sweet name !) has gently fitted in and is definitely not out of tune or the odd woman out. She seems to be very nice and the right person for the job. I would say she even brings a sort of light touch of ballerina grace I would never have thought the Pixies would be associated with one day.
The question remains : What for ? Fun or money ? - The band has never cheated on the fact that money, and its subsequent comfortable touring conditions, did play a part in the reunion. But the Pixies played over 120 gigs last year and have just announced an American tour and new songs in the making. Looking back at the sad and bitter 1993 split, I guess they couldn't have done and won't do all this without a spark of rekindled fun.
The release of "Indy Cindy", their first album within 23 years (!), didn't help freshen up the band to some well-informed reviewers, though. The "one too many" syndrome has often been mentioned. Well, ... to each his own. "Indy Cindy" is definitely no revolution but sounds Pixies for sure (been hooked on "Magdelena" for a while now ! :-))
Anyway, I hesitated for long on what to put on this one. Much old stuff has already been officially and gradually released over their long off-studio pause. I finally picked the VPRO studio show in its original TV format (no youtube) for the classic non-official vintage material. But I also wanted to show what the Pixies are like today, particularly here with the concert they gave last summer at the Hurricane festival where they played in the golden light of a nice setting sun (the only one I got so ! the band often hitting the main stage in the night as a headliner now !). 17 songs in one hour. Mr Black is still so talkative between songs !!
As bonus, I've included 3 songs and short interview from the Primavera Sound which was shown on TV as part of a whole about the festival. The interview is conducted by the Belgian singer-actress Helena Noguerra (also singer-actress Lio's sister) who's wondering at the end of the conversation if, impressed enough, she hasn't turned too much red. Funny. I also kept the short interspaced insight of the festival at the end of "Where Is My Mind ?" with Boogers, a one-man band walking around the festival and covering the song. Nice but he's better on his "yellow" indie here ! ;-) Nice taking-off at 2:07 !
Also in the pack, 3 songs from Werchter 2014 (wicked version of "Tame" ! See below !) I haven't seen on any other tracker.

Hope you'll enjoy ! This one was pretty rough to make, with many technical glitches and hitches I still really can't track back the origin. I think I need a break from authoring ! :-)

Cheers !





  1. Thanks a lot for this great dvd!
    Lovely to see the back in the past, and the Hurricane show is also great! I have also been hooked on Magdalena, probably the best song on the Album...
    Don´t take a break on authoring, you do a great Job!

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  4. Sorry, been off for a few days. Filefactory servers are a such a pain sometimes ! Not only parts 3, 4, 9, 12 and 15 have been removed but after checking, parts 1 & 2 as well !! Thank you for letting me know dec-alpha ! Everything has been updated now. Should work fine !
    Cheers !

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