Monday, July 27, 2015

SLAVES - "Hey ... Wow !!" - BBC1 Radio Big Weekend - 23-05-15 / Glastonbury Festival - 28-06-15 / Bonus : Eurockéennes de Belfort - 05-07-15

BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend - "In New Music We Trust" Stage - Norwich (UK) - 23-05-15
1. White Knuckle Ride
2. Where's Your Car Debbie?
3. Sockets
4. Cheer Up London
5. Feed the Mantaray
6. The Hunter
7. Shutdown (w/ special featuring : Skepta !!)
8. Hey
Glastonbury - Worthy Farm - Pilton (UK) - BBC Introducing Stage - 28-06-15 
9 - Are You Satisfied ?
10 - Ninety Nine
11 - Live Like An Animal
12 - Despair And Traffic
13 - Where's Your Car Debbie ?
14 - Sockets
15 - Wow !!! 7AM
16 - Cheer Up London 
17 - Feed the Mantaray
18 - The Hunter
19 - Hey
Eurockéennes de Belfort (F) - Club Loggia Stage - 05-07-15
20 - Ninety Nine
21 - Live Like An Animal
22 - Sockets
23 - Okay
24 - The Hunter
25 - Sugar Coated Bitter Truth

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 86 mns
Size : 3,97 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

It's been a while. A while since the last bloody hell Pixies one, after which I decided to have a break from authoring. Anyway, I haven't really been able to stick my head out of the bag over the last two months, caught between the combined flows of work and festivals (Cosmic Trip, Spiderland, Hellfest, Eurockéennes, BBK and last week's Au Pont Du Rock). The reward was worth the driving and the front-stage standing though ! One of the bands seen there particularly shook me all over and got me back to business : SLAVES !!
I first heard about the band when Blood Red Shoes (always tasteful picks, guys !) chose them as their support band for their common European tour back in late 2014. I grabbed the BRS's gig at "La Gaieté Lyrique" in Paris and gave a quick listen to the Slaves' one, available then. I finally decided not to go for it. A snap decision, no doubt ! I have been trying to compensate for it since. So, here we are, with two short sets (because they play fast !) + bonus of my new favourite young band. 
Really, good to be back in London 77, with this feeling of danger and emergency prowling around but without the original punk 's nihilistic approach. What we have here is a more modern urban version of grime punk made of crazy storms and "something nasty's coming up" lulls, obviously the personal touch of the band. The guitar is rough and straight and sometimes reminds me of this feedback wire-mesh "rain" sound often played by Geordie, of Killing Joke (by the way, on a side note, I just got stunned to hear how-good they still sounded at Hellfest this summer !!). And all this perfectly matches a raging spit and snot voice that I've presumably never heard coming from a throat since ... well, let's dare say ... John Lydon ?!
Their first album is called "Are You Satisfied ?". Sure, we are !! Personally, this has been the most exciting release of 2015 so far and will be hard to beat. The kind of record that makes you pick a different "favourite one" everytime you listen to it !
After their show at "Les Eurockéennes", a quite famous French rock mag wrote : "... and above all, an insane, fantastic, huge set from the British punk pair Slaves : the best live band of the moment, straight out !". This is what you may find here in the "Bonus" section with full versions and bits of the songs played that day, taken right from the speakers.

Enjoy !

Cheers !


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