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TRIGGERFINGER - "First Taste" - Crossroads Festival - Bonn (D) - 28-10-05 + Extras

Crossroads Festival - Harmonie -  Bonn  (Germany) - 28-10-05   -   UPGRADE  !!
1 - Faders Up
2 - On My Knees
3 - Interview (I)
4 - Camaro (snippets «Faith», G. Michael)
5 - Hunt You Down
6 - Drivin'
7 - Interview (II)
8 - Maybe
9 - Commotion (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
«3 On Stage» Session - Pinkpop Festival - 30-05-10 
10 - Soon
11 - Lil’ Teaser (snippets «Glory Box», Portishead / «Daydream», The Wallace Collection)
12 - Is It
Unplugged Session : «How to play a waste container ?» - Pinkpop Festival - Camping B - 30-05-10 
13 - Inner Peace
14 - First Taste
MAS Museum - Anvers - 06-05-11
15 - Meddley / Let It Ride / All This Dancin´ Around / First Taste
16 - Sweet  Dreams - Eurythmics - Bibelot - Dordrecht (NL) - 04-12-09
17 - Only Girl In The World - Rihanna (snippets «This is not a love song», PIL) - GI:EL Radio (NL) - 09-03-11
18 - New : Can't Rely On You - Paloma Faith - GI:EL Radio (NL) - 12-03-14
19 - New : Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan - GI:EL Radio (NL) - 11-06-15
20 - Valerie - Amy Winehouse - with Natalia Druyts - De Laatste Week  (B) - 28-12-11
21 -  New : Territorial Pissings - Nirvana - with Tom Barman (DEUS) - De Laatste Week  (B) - 29-12-11
22 -  New :Hush Your Mouth - Bo Diddley - Joly Joker Club - Antwerpen (B) - 14-08-10

Technical info  :
DVD full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 4:3
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 102 mns
Size : 3,58 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included 

To celebrate the "Soon" coming 10th anniversary of the gig and since it has been rebroadcast in better quality lately, here's an updated version of this Triggerfinger's early years dvd.
I've also decided to start it all over again to fix the obviously corrupt parts of the initial post, back in 2013, that some of you let me know about.  
Actually, even if it is often a bit tedious to re-work something you have already done, it was nonetheless a true delight to get into this again. After years seeing them at so many concerts, I have almost forgotten how awesome they were from the beginning. More, here, are some real gems from the days of the first album I have hardly ever heard live since, "Faders Up", "Drivin'", "Maybe", "Commotion".
The interview is also a good way to check how they have faithfully stuck to their "goals" after all these years playing and touring everywhere.
The authoring of this re-issue reminded me too of a funny bit I had probably missed the first time during the "3 On Stage" session. Between "Lil' Teaser" and "Is It", a young girl obviously is asking something which makes the audience and the band laugh altogether. I guess this is something like "Who's this ?' but I don't speak Dutch. Maybe our Dutch friends could help us out on this ...
I've kept the original post below...
Four years ago, I stumbled upon an article about Triggerfinger, lavishly described as a talented Queens Of The Stone Age-sounds-like band. The interview was full of loud promises and they soon turned into my next top list power trio to see on stage. I've repeated the move 4 or 5 times since, even going to see them live at home, in Belgium, and I must admit, I've never been disappointed. What's more is they're just adorable guys, always keen on having a chat with people after the show, even after a scarcely filled one, while they're systematically sold out with a snap in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Fortunately, their popularity is growing, down here too, which is truly deserved. They've got everything, smart look (often tuxedo dressed), rockin' posture, great voice, years of practice on different projects. As a side note, they've just won 4 Belgian Music Awards again, for Best Alternative, Best Band, Best live and Hit Single of the Year !! So, don't miss them if they come round.     

The show we have here is one the earliest I've got. Their first album came out in 2004 and this one is dated 2005. Ruben has still his dark side whiskers and used to play on a double neck guitar, which I've never seen him do since. I've added a few extra footages, mainly covers which they seem quite like to appreciate ... as much as we do ! Hopefully, some more coming in the following weeks ... In the meantime and if you wonder if it's worth downloading, well ... have a "first taste" at this :   

Hope you'll enjoy the show.

Cheers !



  1. Hey, thanks a lot!
    Unfortunately the download link is for the TRIGGERFINGER Parkpop Festival Show.
    Hope you can fix this,

  2. Ooops !! Sorry ! Thanx for telling me ! This is fixed ! Enjoy !!
    NB : Parkpop is really good as well ! :-)

  3. Hello my friend it seems that Triggerfinger - Rockpalast 2005.part14.rar is corrupt. Is it possible to fix or reup?
    Thanx in advance

  4. Hi squarelf !
    Here's a link to a new "Triggerfinger - Rockpalast 2005.part14" :
    I don't know if it will fit in with the other parts though (check the name first !) as I may have changed something since. You'll tell me. If it's the case, I'll have to re up the whole stuff and it's much longer !
    Merry Christmas to you !
    Cheers !

  5. part 14 seems to be okay. Thanks for that. However, part 17 seems to be corrupted as well. Could you fix that too.
    thanks! By the way, new CD is awesome.

  6. sorry! I didn't see the new links! My bad!
    thanks for sharing!