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L7 - "Watch That Smell" - Rockpalast - Essen (D) - 15-11-96 / Hellfest - Clisson (F) - 20-06-15

L7 - Rockpalast - Essen (D) - 15-11-96
1 - Bad Things
2 - Must Have More
3 - Drama
4 - Bitter Wine
5 - Shitlist
6 - Pretend We're Dead
7 - Fast And Frightening
Hellfest - Clisson (F) - 20-06-15
8 - Deathwish
9 - Andres 
10 - Everglade
11 - Monster
12 - Fuel My Fire
13 - One More Thing
14 - Slide
15 - Shove
16 - Shitlist
17 - Pretend We're Dead
18 - Fast and Frightening
19 - Questioning My Sanity - "Nulle Part Ailleurs" - French TV - May 1995
20 - Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra - Rock A Paris Festival - Parc Des Princes - 15-06-97
21 - Interview - "Metal Express" - 19-12-93 

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-sho
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 78 mns
Size : 3,62 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included
Nice story. A grungy fairy tale ? Everything started simply though : a mere request on social networks to get some old stuff about the band to make a documentary. It finally ended up in an undreamed reunion and world tour ! A truly deserved and long-awaited recognition that unexpectedly struck the girls after a 14-year hiatus. I was there, front of the stage, long before the show started on that twentieth of June. What a blast to see the girls back together ! Couldn't believe it ! The first videos posted on the net were promising but still rough (but hasn't it ever been done it on purpose ?!). One thing was obvious : they were not coming back for money. The pleasure to play, together again, was plain to see. The band's break up in 2001 had never been desired and being back together in 2015 really cast a bright rekindling light on the girls' faces.
Unfortunately, that day, at Hellfest, L7 certainly went through one of the poorest sound conditions of the festival, even if they were lucky enough to escape the power-cuts that spoiled some other sets (Airborne's among others, but the O'Keeffe brothers know their stuff to entertain their audience anyway !). I was seething ! One of my favourite, "Fuel My Fire" was so muffled that I didn't recognise it first ! Listening to it now, it doesn't sound" that bad", though, but could have been much louder and better anyway ! But, being able to see them at last swept away all my kind-of moans. They played head-on as ever, warts and all, and to quote Jennifer's words just before "Slide", "a bass never goes out of tune, and when it does, it even sounds better anyway !"
To this recent L7's concert, I added a gold nugget from the day. Their Rockpalast gig in Essen, Germany, in 1996. Janis just joined the band after Jennifer's departure. Their fifth album, "The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum" had just been released and this is the opportunity here to listen to some songs not so commonly played now, "Drama" particularly with its pre nutty cheer "C'mooooooooooon" coming from Donita's gritty crackpot voice I've always loved. The girls are in great shape and even it it is now a bit "old", the quality is first gen. and is really enjoyable to watch.
I used part of the teaser of the forthcoming documentary (I really can't wait to buy !) to make the first page of the menu as I really like it and everything that makes L7 is in there !  I also topped up the dvd with some extras from the band's few appearances on French TV. Especially the one during the International Film Festival, in Cannes, in may 1995. I remember being in front of my TV that evening, watching "Nulle Part Ailleurs", a quite successful entertaining talk-show at the time. L7 was the musical act of the day and ... the set went wild. I got stunned. Playing back to the sea, they delivered a totally wild version of " Questioning My Sanity", Jennifer going completely nuts, spinning round all the way. I kept the host's comments (Gildas !) for its "nice" English accent and his quite funny appraisal after the song.
That comes along with a rendition of " Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra" in Paris, in june 1997 and a short interview of the band about the "would-be" riot-grrrl movement, from the late "Metal Express" 1993 programme.   

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