Thursday, August 13, 2015

LE BUTCHERETTES / GARBAGE / BRODY DALE - "3" - Webster Hall - New-York - 14-05-15 / Glastonbury Festival - 26-06-05 / Pukkelpop Festival - 16-08-14

Webster Hall - New-York - 14-05-15
1 - Burn the Scab
2 - Demon Stuck in Your Eye
3 - The Devil Lived
4 - Boulders Love Over Layers of Rock
5 - I'm Getting Sick of You
6 - Take a Step Back
7 - Bang !
8 - The Leibniz Language
9 - Your Weakness Gives Me Life
10 - Henry Don't Got Love (cut)

Glastonbury Festival - Pilton (UK) - Pyramid Stage - 26-06-05
1 - Interview
2 - Bad Boyfriend
3 - Not My Idea
4 - Stupid Girl
5 - Why Do You Love Me
6 - I Think I'm Paranoid .
7 - Push It
8 - Only Happy When It Rains
9 - Right Between The Eyes

Pukkelpop Festival - Hasselt, Kiewit (B) - 16-08-14
1 - Rat Race
2 - Sick Of It All (The Distillers)
3 - Dismantle Me (The Distillers)
4 - Don't Mess With Me
5 - Meet The Foetus/Oh the Joy
6 - Die On A Rope (The Distillers)
7 - Coral Fang (The Distillers)
8 - Parties for Prostitutes
9 - Dressed In Dreams
10 - Underworld

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 115 mns
Size : 4,04 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

Hi folks ! A package offer this time ! Pick one, get three !! 
Well, this blog has already paid a dear tribute to each of these three rock godesses. However, since I stumbled upon the cover of "Nylon" march issue, a combined project has been hanging on my mind. I finally found the time to get down to it. I knew I might struggle against technical bugs. I didn't get disappointed.

1 - First, Teri Gender Bender and her lads. I've already spoken highly of the band here.
Unfortunately, in the meantime, no full pro-shot live show of  Le Butcherettes has surfaced, which they would truly deserve though. I had to turn to fans' footage. So, first, many thanks to "Invisigoth" who had the patience and the strong arm to film the whole set. I hesitated with few others that may look clearer maybe but more static or less high-energy. This one is not. For example, just have a look at how Teri goes crazy when she fires "I'm Getting Sick of You" up !! Visually and for having read a few interviews too, playing live really looks like some kind of exorcism ! Sadly, because of lack of space, I had to half cut the last song, "Henry Don't Got Love" but the show is still enjoyable to watch with Teri making some moves and faces I couldn't imagine before !

2 - I've always loved this show of Garbage at Glastonbury 2005. Shirley is gorgeous as ever, especially in her black-and-white zebra outfit of the time and more, she's in a very good mood, talking to the audience, getting down stage to shake the first rows, climbing back on it with an inflatable doll she 's making love with, etc ... Great show !! This is why, I wanted to preserve it as such as much as possible !
Well ... it wouldn't have been for Shirley and by respect for "sfb2" who worked hard to keep his Garbage tracker afloat for so many years and who's just thrown in the towel (leave him a kind word here  :,I think I would have given up. A true video nightmare !!!!  I almost went "paranoïd" !
So, I initially wanted to keep the raw quality I had from a dvd I grabbed at the time but "I think I'm paranoid" was missing and "Push It" was only partial, 1:30 m or so. I managed to get them from another hd source and decided to cut the original vob. files (hard job !), without re-encoding.
After searching and finding the right tool (Mpg2Cut2), I was pretty happy about the result.But once in the authoring soft, it gave some unexpected sound micro-cuts, making the thing a bit off-synch. I spent a whole day only on this part to fix the glitch, going crazy ! After countless editings with Mpg2Cut2, I resigned myself to turn to a mp4 re-encoding but it gave some residual lines in the fast moves on the picture.
Frustrated and tired, I reluctantly turned to an avi re-encoding, pushing up the bitrate.The result was not so bad actually but when it came to author the whole thing the soft gave me a 2652 hrs time for just a song of 3 mns !!! What the ****  !!!!
After trying many other options in the dead of night, I realised that the authoring tool didn't put these micro cuts at the same place according to the different raw versions I tested and more, they could even disappear when you came back playing them !!???
Pffff ... At that point, I concluded that I couldn't do anything more and that it was just a playing problem of the soft on these parts (which play well on other players by the way !!).
The last version I made was unexpectedly quite free of these glitches (why ??) and I decided to keep away from any other try. But who knows, once played ... ? Anyway, if any Garbage fan wants this particular gig alone, I kept it plain (not authored) somewhere and can put it separately on a server. Well ... to cut it short, can't wait to see Shirley and her boys back in november for Queer's twentieth anniversary !!

3 - Aah Brody ! So glad I could see her in Paris a year ago. Even if things have of course settled down since the Distillers days, she still rocks and screams her guts out, on and backstage, as she mentioned it here, starting "Die On A Rope", when she says she's just got drunk with St Vincent before the set ! All in all, a very nice show of Mrs Homme, I've never seen on any other tracker and with half of the songs pulled out from the Distillers's back catalogue.

Enjoy !

Cheers !



  1. thx for this
    theres a crc error on part 11 pls reup if you can thx in advance

  2. Hi back heikohe !
    A brand new part 11 is now available ! Hope it will come out fine this time ! Cheers !